Alaska Track Chair LLC is dedicated to bringing those who are disabled more access to the hobbies they love and cherish.  From Hunting and Fishing to enjoying treks around the great outdoors, all that Alaska has to offer is now available like never before.  We truly believe in helping the disabled to become enabled.

The Action Track Chair was invented by Tim Swenson in 2008 who wanted to offer those who were disabled the ability to continue to enjoy and experience the things they love; hunting, fishing and accessing remote areas of the great outdoors.

The Action Track Chair gives you the ability to go to areas that were previously inaccessible to those in a wheelchair, from the Beach to wooded forests, wherever you want to go, Action Track Chair will take you there.

Take a look at our menu at the top of the page to view the Action Track Chair, It’s counterpart the Action Track Stander as well as photos and videos of the chair in action to see how your favorite hobbies and pastimes can be accessed again.